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Our surveys were developed by gamers and designers to ensure you have the best consumer engagement.

Easy to use survey creatorOur creator applies market research best practices to guide you through the creation process.

Create engaging surveysUse our proprietary playful forms to create an engaging experience that will get you on average an over 70% completion rate.

Get the data you needReal-time visualizations and survey health metrics - all with push-button reporting.

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Introducing the Smart Form

There’s a simple formula to collecting quality, actionable, good feedback data from customers, employees, and consumers: Fun + Fast + Easy. Our Smart Forms are surveys built with the best technologies to make it as easy as possible for people to share their feedback.

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Better Surveys. Better Data.

Wyzerr is a survey tool that is all about helping you get the data you need without the hassle. Our proprietary playful forms create an engaging experience to achieve an average completion rate of 83%! To ensure you have the best data possible, our easy-to-use survey builder applies market research best practices to guide you through the creation process. And, because we know that the data isn’t any good until you turn it into actionable information, our dashboard provides real-time visualizations and survey health metrics.

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