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Meet Hoolio


Hoolio is our AI market researcher here at Wyzerr. He helps our team turn feedback data into real-time operational tasks. Hoolio doesn't sleep! He's always up listening to feedback and constantly thinking about ways to help you make the best decision possible. Hoolio is only as smart as the feedback he collects. That's why everything we do at Wyzerr is focused on capturing actionable, honest, and reliable feedback data.

Hoolio's Data Diet

Market Research Reimagined

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Introducing the Smartform

Smartforms are the new way to survey. They use playful design to make surveys look and feel like games, allowing you to capture more responses and generate better insights for your business.

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Why Research Matters

People that regularly conduct research have the advantage of using real information to make better decisions. They make fewer mistakes, waste less time & money, and continue to innovate and develop in a way that keeps them light-years ahead of the curve.

Just A Few Customer's We've Worked With...

"Wyzerr provided the most interactive and innovative surveys I have ever seen in higher education. Their surveys had much higher participation by a factor of at least 10. The team also presented the data in a customized and easy to follow format for the customer. I recommend Wyzerr to any company looking to get more accurate information from clients or consumers."
Rob RichardsonChairman of the BoardUniversity of Cincinnati
"At this point, I can say that it has been a great experience working with the Wyzerr team to develop and implement an innovative and creative way for our institution to better understand, market and serve our visitor."
Lindsey SimmonsVisitor Experience and Member Engagement ManagerContemporary Art Center
"If you look at the cost-benefit of screening with Wyzerr compared to traditional VC methods, Wyzerr can do the job of 3 analysts. That saves a lot of money."
Brad ZappFounder & Fund ManagerConnectic Ventures

A New Way To Do Market Research

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