Actionable feedback data starts with good survey questions.

The builder was designed with one goal in mind: make it easy for you to create playful surveys using data science principals. This allows you to get better completion rates and more actionable details without getting a Ph.D. in data science. Bonus points if you already have one.

Weighted Responses

Whether you are trying to qualify a customer lead or creating a screener the innovative builder allows you to score each response with your own value and do more than just calculate a score. You can trigger different responses at survey completion based on their results. Send the high scoring lead straight to your sales team while the low scorer gets routed to a video to continue nurturing them.

The Timer

Did you know that surveys that are less than one minute have the highest completion rate? Did you know that using Smart Forms you can collect 21 pieces of information in less than one minute? To help you stay focused on survey length, the builder will show you the estimated time to complete your survey as you build out your survey taking the guess work out of the survey length for you.

Imposed character limits

The editor will impose upon you a 95-character limit for most question types. (Is that true, any clarity for me?) This is another data science best practice. We live in a quick world, and if your question is too long, then respondents are not reading the whole question. Do you want answers from someone who only read half the question? Better questions get you better answers.

Logic jumps

Survey branching is key to bringing context to your questions. No reason to ask for more information about your product when they previous response is they haven’t tried it.

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