How much better was that survey than the survey you usually get?

Two surveys, same data collected, only one doesn’t make you sad.

That is why when you use Smart Forms the average completion rate is 70%.

Taking the survey isn’t your number one priority is it? Consuming, organizing, and incorporating the data into your existing businesses processes is. Good news! Our innovative reporting dashboard is here to provide you all of the insights and exporting needs you have.

Data at Your Fingertips

Your Insights Dashboard gives you real time data visualizations, breaking down each question on your survey. Smartforms not only help you get better data but they help you quickly and accurately visualize the data for your reporting needs.

Monitor Survey Health

You are never left in the dark. Your Insights Dashboard has easy to read, real-time survey health metrics. No more guessing games.

Easy Export

Take your data with you. Dashboards are great but sometimes you need to incorporate the data into your reports or existing processes. The push-button export makes it easy.

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