Introducing the Smart Form

Compare the two images below. Both show the collection of six data points.

Smart Forms are playful interfaces that makes taking the survey more like a game and less like a chore.

There’s a simple formula to collecting quality, actionable, good feedback data from customers, employees, and consumers: Fun + Fast + Easy. Our Smart Forms are surveys built with the best technologies to make it as easy as possible for people to share their feedback.


You can use this Smart Form to combine up to nine different questions onto one screen. The Bubble is mostly used to do ratings, however it can be used for brand awareness, customer engagement, and other marketing needs.


This Smart Form is very similar to your traditional A, B, C, or D question allowing you to quickly get a response and avoiding the scenario of answering C repetitively.


This is very similar to quadrant for gathering data incorporating a visual you get better responses.


The simplest of the Smart Forms. You typically use it for yes or no style questions. Sometimes you just need straight answers to straight questions.

Open Text

This is the least innovative smartform in that it is really just the classic fill in the box question. Not ideal for your survey but sometimes free form text is a necessary evil so here you go.

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