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Compare the two images below. Both show the collection of six data points.

Smart Forms are playful interfaces that makes taking the survey more like a game and less like a chore.

In order for our analytics to work as well as it does, we need A LOT of training data. That's why we built surveys that look and feel like games. Our smart surveys are designed to be fun, fast, and easy, and can collect up to 25 questions in under 60 seconds.


You can use this Smart Form to combine up to 9 different questions onto one screen. Now your customers can quickly interact with fun bubbles and colorful boxes instead of a screen full of repetitive text.


Do you need to ask traditional multiple choice questions but tired of respondents answering C to everything? Then use the Quadrant Smart Form to ask the same questions but with an engaging style.


Are you trying to capture multiple responses and think “Check all that apply” is a terrible experience? Then use the Grid Smart Form. Users can click the large, colorful buttons to provide their feedback quickly and with a smile on their face.


Another fun way for you to avoid A, B, C, D questions. The Orbit Smart Form engages your audiences by having them drag their answer to the middle. Keeping them engaged keeps them providing you valuable feedback.


Need a simple yes or no answer? Then stop asking with an ugly drop-down or radio button. Instead, use the Binary Smart Form to add a pop of color to entice your user to keep responding. Our surveys have over a 70% response rate for a reason.

Open Text

Survey best practices dictate the need for the Open Text Smart Form. Rich colors that flow with the other smart forms makes this much nicer than another boring black and white comment box.

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